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Rocannon’s World

Gaverel Rocannon is an interstellar ethnologist in the novels of Ursula K. Le Guin, who conducts research on newly discovered civilized planets.

We follow Rocannon’s legacy: curiousity, opennes and skill with new technologies to build our clients’ ability to generate profits and maintain competitive advantage through innovation.

Rokanan’s R&D and NPD Expeditions

Learn to build disruptive products and services


We audit companies’ NPD and R&D processes and providerecommendations on how to improve them.


We provide specialised trainings for NPD and R&D Teams, including PDMA, Design Thinking and Design Sprint, Agile, TRIZ, GTI etc.


We fix burning prototyping, technical and patent problems. We build NPD Strategies and assist in implementation of NPD best practices.

We proudly worked with

Several dozen companies from various markets. From Fortune 500 to loval innovators.

Our ventures

We build own products and support community

Team Stormer

Do you want to unlock creative presentation of your team and organisations? Innovate & solve problems with our idea management platform for teams.

Software platform dedicated to the most busy managers and innovators who need to generate ideas in remote teams.

PDMA Central Europe

Our team has founded the Central European affiliate of The Product Development and Management Assosiation.

It’s the most prestigious non-profit community for product management, innovation and R&D practitioners. We follow PDMA framework in all our projects.

See how to improve ROI from your product development in projects