Redefining the future of the polish energy market

About the client

Energy holding in Poland, one of the leading company in terms of energy production in Poland.

The company owns the entire chain: mines, green energy –solar and wind plants, traditional power plants, and heat generation and distribution systems through a number of companies.

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About the project

Sales division requested a foresight about how clients will use energy in the future so they could design new products and services.

Concept: Distributed Energy Network

Project results

Detailed model of the energy market in Poland
After designing customer journey maps we have applied Evolutionary Forecasting techniques and gained insights into how households will use energy in the future and will be future usability issues
Scenarios of the future market broken down into 4 research programs
Solutions were analysed and grouped – it provided major problem areas for further R&D work
Almost 500 unique future solutions within those 4 categories
We created many technical patentable solutions, as well as digtial, marketing, process improvements withing the major groups

Voice of customers

Relations are key to our business. Don’t believe only in what you read – listed to the opinions of our customers.

During the project scenarios of the future state of the energy market, models of future customers’ behaviours and corresponding concepts of products were created.

Rafał Soja - Chairman of the board at Tauron Sprzedaż

We have managed with Mr Wojciech a very interesting, multi-stage innovation project (…). I recommend the colaboration.

Darek Zaborski - Market Analyst at Tauron Sprzedaż

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